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5 Reasons Self-Publishing Authors Should Hire An Editor

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Self-publishing may put emphasis on individual authors, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. You can hire an editor to help you reach your publishing dreams. If you’re not sure why you should hire and editor or are hesitant about spending the money to do so, this article is for you.

Reasons To Hire An Editor

Editors Know The Process

After you’ve already spent so much time writing, the editing process can seem daunting. There’s so much information out there. Where do you start?

Professional editors are trained in the publishing process. We can help you follow the typical steps from manuscript to published product. Though many specialize in a particular area, most can give you general guidance. And some will even manage the whole process for you!

Just think of us as map sellers or guides. We’ll show you the way or even walk the path with you, helping you see and address challenges as your take your writing journey.

Editors Make Sure You’re Writing Says What You Think It Says

Scenario: You plan to meet a friend for coffee. You arrive, but your friend is no where in sight. When you text to ask where they are, they answer that you told them 1 o’clock, not noon. You’re certain you said noon, but when you scroll up, you see that you did indeed write 1 not 12. Oops.

This kind of things happens all the time. In texts or social media posts, it’s usually just a small typo. In a full manuscript, the mistake could be forgetting to include a key detail that ties your whole plot together. The point is, it’s easy to miss issues in your own writing because you already have a good understanding of what you’re trying to say.

Trained editors can find and eliminate the gaps between meaning and what’s actually on the page, whether that means pointing out missing or contradictory information, correcting typos, or flagging confusing passages or plot points.

Editors Make You Look Professional

When you don’t have a big publisher to lend you credibility, looking professional is all the more important. Errors distract readers from the story, and at their worst, they alienate and confuse. Nobody wants that, especially when word of mouth, reader reviews, and ratings can affect on sales.

On a grander scale, error-riddled books play into negative stereotypes about self-publishing. And that’s not good for you or your fellow authors.

An editor keeps your writing professional and error-free, making your work stand up to traditional publishing standards.

Editors Save You Time & Money

Writing takes time, and (at least in my experience) it’s hard to rush writing without sacrificing quality.

In an era where content is king and authors are encouraged to up their writing output, is can be difficult to find the time to get enough distance from your work to self-edit. And without that distance, you’re more likely to miss mistakes and issues.

Furthermore, learning the ins and outs of comma usage and other grammar “rules” can take time away from writing. Just think about how much more time you’ll have to write, seek inspiration, and spend time with loved ones if you don’t have your nose in a grammar textbook!

Handing your work over to an editor once you’ve self-edited as much as you reasonably can means that you are freeing yourself up for other endeavours (more writing perhaps?). This increased availability could also mean you’re better able to supplement your writing income by being more focussed at work, taking more shifts, or working a side hustle.

But even if time isn’t a concern for you, there’s another budget-conscious reason for hiring an editor. We can save you from costly reprints by ensuring everything is correct the first time.

Editors Give You Confidence

Writing can be an incredibility vulnerable act, so it makes sense to want a little validation now and then. A good editor not only helps you strengthen your story and face your writing challenges, but also provides praise where praise is due.

Though editing comes with challenges just like writing does, you’ll come out of it feeling confident you’ve done everything in your power to make your story the best it can be. You’ll feel proud of yourself and your story.

Convinced you should hire an editor? Check out this post on how to tell if you’re ready for an editor.

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