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Publishing Assistance

Helping You Reach Your Publishing Goals

There are many steps along the publishing journey, and it can often be helpful to have another person to accompany you as you take them.

Publishing assistance can take many forms, but at its heart it’s simply help with the publishing process. Receiving assistance means relieving yourself of some of the tasks and pressures of publishing so you can stay focused, free up some time, and enjoy the process just a bit more.

Assistance May Include

  • drafting or editing promo texts for websites, newsletters, or social media
  • updating or resizing graphics
  • scheduling blog or social media posts
  • researching or minor fact checking
  • managing emails or submissions 
  • entering data into or updating forms
  • performing daily administration work

This list is non-exhaustive. I’m always open to other tasks that match my skill set. 

How It Works

1. Make Contact

If you’re in need of a helping hand, get in touch with me. Once you tell me a bit about your project(s), I’ll be able to decide if we’re a good fit and let you know my availability.

2. Book Me

Once we agree to work together, I’ll book you into my calendar and set aside an agreed upon amount of time for assisting you each week. You’ll provide me with any documents or access information I might need by our agreed upon start date.

3. Receive Assistance

I’ll get to work. I’ll perform the tasks we’ve discussed, keeping you updated as I go. I’ll invoice every other week, and when our time together ends, I’ll send any remaining invoices and relinquish access to any shared documents or platforms.

4. Follow Up

You are welcome to send me an email to ask any follow-up questions regarding any work I’ve performed for you or to book my services again.

Emily is a true professional. Her editing skills are superior; her ability to communicate effectively with clients is excellent; and her organizational skills are superb. She delivers completed tasks on time and to requirements. She is a pleasure to work with.